Shanghai Lanqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.
LDS Machine Co.

Changzhou Industrial Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.
Special industrial sewing machine

JUKI Matsue Corporation
Sewing machine and etc.

Ninbo Yingong Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.
The whole assets company of Japan mitsuyin (Hongkong) co., ltd. It founded in 2005 with the Japan technology cooperation and Ningbo yingong's superior experience of parts manufacture. It pursue excellent quality and good after sales service to make MITSUYIN brand perfect. It incorporate with Design, Research, Exploiture, and Manufacture.

Shanghai Kohda Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Industrial sewing machines are widely used not only for apparel industry but also for the manufactures of bags, shoes, furniture, and car seat, etc.
Our industrial sewing machines are firmly supported from customers in about 170 nations covered by our sales and services network.

Shanghai Shanggong Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.
Industrial sewing machine and etc.

Singer (Shanghai) Sewing Machine Marketing Co., Ltd.
In 1851, Isaac Merritt Singer invented the world’s first practical sewing machine, which was called one of “the Four Greatest Inventions which changed the life of human beings” by British Technology Historian Doc. Lee Joseph.

Zhejiang New Jack Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.
Industrial sewing machine